party on cp!!!

July 11-16th nikki and i from whatever wacky will be having a party on club penguin. it will be on the server arctic and in the night club room. we will have some activities we will start at 2:00 and leave the room 10 minutes later to start the activities. make sure to leave a comment on youtube or private message us to let us know if you cant come. we will come on a seprate day to hang out with you. leave a comment here to say if u an come or not. we would love to hang out with you, and remember spread the word.

p.s nikki is hugjfur and i am buggzy2


About madohomu0111

i like Invader Zim, winx club, shugo chara, sailor moon, mermaid melody, dbz kai, tinier me,as well as drawing, i LOVE to learn about cheats as well. my fav winx club pixie is piff cause piff is sooooo cute.I'm better at drawing with a pencil and paper that with ms paint. my fav colors are all neon colors, all shades of pink, red, and black. i think PS3 is WAY better than XBOX 360 ( no offence to ppl that like the XBOX 360 ) @-@ OUo OFTo -3-

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